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PNP: Politics and Play- Jeffrey Epstein

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It is a greater crime to be poor and innocent than it is to be rich and guilty. Jeffrey Epstein had a long history of involvement with minors. It started when he was a teacher in the 1970's and soon later bled into his illegal pleasure. Epstein shifted careers from education to banking and finance in the 1980s, which played as a battery in his back to then commit his assaults on young females. 

Julie Brown of the Miami Herald stated, "He was a master at manipulating people through money. He did that with scientists all over the world, educators, academics, politicians..."

Epstein used his money and power to threaten and control his narrative in the media. He became a hot topic when his lavish lifestyle involved other famous players like Donald Trump. But this spotlight soon fed the curiosity of journalists on who Jeffrey truly was. Once his illegal behaviors began to leak, he turned to threats and pays off to patch up the cracks. Epstein began to personally threaten news outlets, journalists, and victims. The threats ranged from unauthorized access to Journalists offices, to staging a dead cat head on a door step. These threats were a reminder to the journalist that that their life was at risk if Epstein's story was to be released. This kind of manipulation influenced the decision to release information of the assaults and hide the predator that Epstein was. 

Journalists spend ample amount of time uncovering stories to exercise their duty to keep the public informed. But journalists put their lives at risk when trying report on dangerous stories like Epsteins'. Politics play a huge role on what gets covered and shared through media. But financial manipulation throws another curve ball in the mix, altering the journalists agenda with the public

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